Munich ’72 and Beyond

About “Munich ’72 and Beyond”

On September 5, 1972 the spectre of terrorism began its haunt at the Olympic Games in Munich with the brutal murder of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches, as well as the tragic killing of a German police officer. Palestinian terrorists held the Israelis hostage for over 20 hours before ruthlessly killing the group of men.

For over four decades, the surviving family members have yearned to see their loved ones remembered. They have struggled as they sought answers to difficult questions that remained after the attack.

Munich ’72 and Beyond takes the viewer on an emotional journey from the beginning of the attack to present-day, where we are finally witnessing healing begin as a new memorial is being built in Munich at the Olympic Park.

Munich Memorial

Historical moments are often the completion of a generation, of political upheaval, exile, or reflection – a gradual understanding of the current reach of past events. In 2014, history was made when the German States Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, with the support of the International Olympic Committee and the Foundation for Global Sports Development, initiated the Munich Memorial Project, in tribute to the fallen Israeli Olympic Team. The memorial will commit significant focus to the biographies of each victim, capable of shouldering their legacy – through ongoing remembrance.

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  • Nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Research category at The 38th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards
  • “Best Documentary” at the 2017 Euro Shorts International Film Fest
  • “Best Documentary” at the 2016 LA Shorts Fest
  • Qualifies for consideration at the 2018 Academy Awards