Coming Soon

Sidewinder Films has several upcoming projects in the works at varying stages of development. Stay tuned to check on the progress of these films!

“Life After Sports” (working title)

This original documentary by Sidewinder Films (SWF) seeks to explore the value of the amateur and international sports experience. What does participation mean for young women and men facing their post-athletic life? Many experience the elation of competition, which is followed by some disillusionment—a natural part of facing the end of one of life’s chapters. SWF will look at lessons learned by these athletes and by those who stepped in to provide guidance.


As we will discover in the film, many of these athletes have proven themselves to be dedicated to personal achievement and in many cases team loyalty. How can they use these assets in their life to come? Helping athletes is what The Foundation for Global Sports Development is all about. The Foundation has been providing support to young athletes for a quarter century, with much of that support provided through the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). With the backing of the Foundation, SWF will examine this issue with the objective of providing a road map for athletes in transition. In the end, the expectation is that participation sports on the amateur or international level is a great first step into success in life.