About Sidewinder Films

The Foundation for Global Sports Development founded Sidewinder Films, a 501(c)3 film production company, in furtherance of their mission to support initiatives that promote fair play, education, and the physical and developmental benefits of sports for youth around the world.

Sport is more than simply a type of competition. We believe sport holds the key to unlocking the triumph of human spirit, mutual understanding, and cooperation and respect among all people. Sidewinder Films seeks to bring these positive messages of sport to people through films which touch lives, tell remarkable stories, and create a lasting impact.

A key aspect of GSD’s mission is their focus on education, particularly in regards to public health. We understand educating youth and adults  about current issues in health and wellness is vital in improving the overall well-being of the world. Sidewinder Films offers a creative avenue to provide educational programs through film. In addition to sports-related themes, our film topics include end-of-life care, doping and its effects on the body and society, and maintaining emotional well-being throughout life transitions.